The candle propeller only runs well in a wind still environment. Otherwise the candle drips onto the propeller holder, preventing it from moving down the candle.

To avoid possible heat damage or deformity to the propeller holder, EXTINGUISH the candle before it burns completeley down.

The candle must be exactly 13 mm in diameter. This is mostly not the case with standard candles you can buy in a shop.
To order additional candles please click here (Additional Candles).

Our magical window propellers with a weight of only 1,3 gramms runs on windows in up- or down wind. At approximately 13 C difference in temperature between the inside and the outside of a window, this eyecatcher propeller spins beautifully. If the inside and outside temperature difference is the same, the propeller will not spin. If there is a heat source coming from underneath, it spins like an airplane propeller!

Mount on a clean window, by pushing suction cup against dry glas, push remaining air bubble out of the suction cup. You also can use a hairdryer to warm up the suction cup, this way the air bubble can be pushed out easier. It is also possible to apply a tiny drop of liquid soap to the inside of the suction cup, push air out. This will hold well, even in direct sunlight.

Never leave burning candles unattended!